About Gingerich Farms Products, Inc.
We've been growing Oregon Big Blues (Oregon Grown Blueberries) for generations.
Part of what makes us different from other growers is that we have complete quality control at every stage. 
We're the grower, picker, packer and shipper.
Mission Statement
The mission of Gingerich Farms Products is to provide high quality products and services for our customers, thereby providing a stable work environment for employee growth, development and financial security.  We strive to better our community and environment and treat everyone with fairness, integrity and honesty without sacrificing our commitment to our customers and employees.
Vision for Gingerich Farms Products, Inc.
A growing team-oriented company that supplies high quality products, taking care of today's business while looking towards our tomorrow.
Berry & Grape Infonet
Oregon Raspberry & Blackberry Commission
Oregon Department Of Agriculture
North Willamette Research and Extension Center
Oregon Climate Services
Nutrition for Everyone
Blueberry Health Benefits
Food for Thought: Berries Boost Brain Power

Gingerich Farms Products is a member of:
Canby Chamber of Commerce
Molalla Chamber of Commerce
Producer Marketing Association
Oregon Association of Nurseries
US Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC)
North American Blueberry Council (NABC) 
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