Gingerich Farms Products has never stopped Growing

Since 1919 when Grandpa Gingerich purchased this choice farmland in Northwestern Oregon, the Gingerich family has been growing quality products for markets around the world.

Two generations later, the Gingerich name continues to excel in the production of fresh, frozen and dehydrated blueberries.

As the grower, we cultivate the finest blueberries that we can grow.  As the packer, we select only premium fruit that meets or exceeds our specifications.  And as the shipper, we ensure that our quality fruit is delivered fresh.

We're bluebook listed and working with many Food Safety programs (the USDA Federal-State Auditing Program, Primus and GlobalGAP) we meet approved GAP-GHP standards.  Our receiving ticket based trace-back program and box coding system lets us follow the berries through-out our process and on to delivery.  We are also a certified organic blueberry packer.
In early summer, all focus of the farm turns towards the blueberry fields.  This is the time of the year when we go full-tilt into blueberry season, and for a few months, the focus is on harvesting, packing, selling and shipping blueberries.  Other work continues, but the main thrust is to get those berries off their bushes and out to our customers.

We ship our berries around the world as fresh, frozen and dehydrated.  We've recently shipped our frozen and dehydrated blueberries into the Australian, Chinese, Indian and Korean markets.  We have strong relationships with purchasers in the Japanese markets, as well as our friends here in the United States.

Most of us are familiar with blueberries; we see them fresh to be eaten by hand, in a fruit salad or dropped in our cereal.  Or, we've seen the frozen kind that we find in our morning muffin or pancakes.  Well, we here at Gingerich Farms pack for both these kinds of uses, and we also produce an all-natural dehydrated blueberry as well.

We used the picture above not just because it looks nice.  Shot in our fields during blueberry season, you see Verne looking at a handful of blueberries.  Nice composition for a picture that's used on a blueberry web-site, but also the reality of the first step in deciding when to pick those blueberries.  That decision is just the first of many that will be made for those blueberries.  Decisions on when to pick, what to pack for and at times who to pack what for.

Currently, we have two major avenues for our blueberries; Fresh Market, the containers you see in your stores produce section; or, Frozen Market. 
We are working with value-added products; products using our blueberries in them that increases their value to our customers.  Blueberry pancake kits, blueberry pies and other such projects; many that are still only in the research stages.  All these things are ways for us to increase our ability to control the quality of the final product that our customers receive.

At this exact moment, we do not pack the smaller end-user poly-bag that you might see in your stores frozen food section, but we're working on it!  Our frozen is currently packed in 30 lbs bulk boxes and sold to wholesale companies and large bakeries.  Our dehydration is packed to order in 25 lbs vacuum sealed boxes and although currently not a large market for us, we continue to look for expansion.